Mind Melding

It's already happening,
the melding of minds.
In small innovative steps,
and scientific finds.

Before written history,
minds knew others' thoughts.
Like father, like son--family ways,
through DNA, character oughts.

Out of the communal family,
like thinking slowly evolved.
Into tribe, village, and nation,
group thinking became involved.

With the advent of writing,
ideas could be widely shared.
The readers of these ideas,
could assume them unbared.

Through constant repetition,
long-term memory hardwires thought,
until ideologies are firmly entrenched,
and change little with so much bought.

But young minds are different,
they are readily open to change.
So each new generation must be schooled,
to indoctrinate thoughts elders engage.

Group thought creates ideologies,
philosophies, religions and nation states.
Conflicts arise between these group thoughts,
arguments, fights and wars in the fates.

First books, and then newspapers,
spread the word of known events,
followed by telegraph, telephone,
radio, television, Internet lightning sent.

Social media and real-time video,
is changing the social landscape fast.
People throughout the earth are learning,
the facts unfiltered and uncensored at last.

Implants will soon enhance us,
sight, hearing, translation and knowledge.
Virtual reality will conjure up new scenarios.
Humankind will finally venture to the edge.

Of a brave new world where secrets,
and privacy will no longer exist.
Where honest sharing of information,
will instantly reveal avoiding the evil twist.

Group thought will be put to better use,
to solve great problems now delayed.
and ideological differences will disappear,
when the greater good is clearly displayed.

These technologies can be used,
with both good and evil purpose built in.
But I think the good will outweigh the bad,
each new generation starts free of sin.

Technology-Assisted Group Mind

Group Mind © The Intention Experiment

The National Geographic television series, Year Million,
has confirmed the inevitability of what I called, The
Collective, in my first two novels, The Kaleidoscope Effect
and Alone? While flat earth people will claim that group
thought is "communist" and erodes "individual liberty," it
is hard to deny having instant access to all the information
in every mind in the world and working together to solve
problems where everyone has a say is better.

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