Mind Control

Shopping till I'm dropping--exhausted.
Switching to free lanes on a freeway.
Intercepting calls on a play-by-play.
Balancing bills on payday.

Mind racing a mile a minute.

Munching takeout from a greasy spoon.
Meeting deadlines way too soon.
Head filled with that crazy tune.
Scanning e-mails way past noon.

Scrambling to stay in it.

Juggling remotes with buttons ablaze.
Text messaging sonnets with eyes aglaze.
GPSing the way through the maze.
Popping pills to cut through the haze.

Trying to manage all of the shit.

Hearing lost in all the noise.
Eyesight dims in the spotlight.
Feelings become out of touch.
Mind loses control,

... and more rushes in.

Pink Floyd - The Wall

Image from Pink Floyd

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