Midsummer Blues

It’s midsummer, so what’s the news.

I think I’ve got, the midsummer blues.

Wish I were floating on the lake,

Between air and water, like a snake.

Instead, I’m stuck here in this room,

Thinking about the lake in bloom.

Wish I were fishing by placid stream,

Catching bluegill and occasional bream.

But I just sit here, all alone,

By my computer window, and dream.

Of summer evenings in the park,

Charcoal air, and kids yelling till dark.

Instead, I eat before the TV news,

Air-conditioned in my midsummer blues.

Wish I could look from some mountain ridge,

A valley far ahead to bridge.

Instead I look at my old fence,

And figure how to pay my rents.

I know it makes no sense,

Counting dollars and counting cents.

I’d rather be watching the stars fall with you,

Than sitting here with the same old view.

On midsummer nights these old blues,

Weigh me down to my toes.

The way I’m feeling, nobody knows.

Guess that’s just the way it goes.

Everyone’s busy these summer days.

Got no time for living midsummer ways.

So I write with great passion and try not lose,

My zest for living with these midsummer blues.

    Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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