Middle Ground


It's so hard, I have found,

To reach the middle ground.

The safe place in between,

Sheltered from the mean. 


Smooth and steady, wins the race,

But it's hard to keep the pace.

Every time you head for high gear.

You are dragged down from the rear.


It's easy to throw away the past,

But some things are valuable, and meant to last.

The key is to know the difference,

Between trash and treasure in the inference.


When you are young you want to be older,

When you are old you want to shoulder,

The burdens of your youth.

Somewhere between is more the truth. 


It's hot and sweet on the edge,

But you can't stand solidly teetering on a ledge.

Time takes a broader view,

Safe and wide, and so, should you.  


So, try to keep up, if you can.

I'll relax, and work my plan.

I may not be up with the latest thing.

Down the middle, the truth will ring.


And when it's over, and the counting's done.

It's who is ahead then, which has won.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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