Methane Rising

I am rising, bubbling up,
like the fizz in your soda pop.

I am rising from the grave,
I was put in as your power slave,
The great carbon sink of earth,
gathered for eons from my birth.

Locked in ice, was my soul.
To get free again, is my goal.

You are hurriedly helping me rise,
by greedy use of my supplies.
You burn me easily in your greed.
My dire warnings, you do not heed.

You raise me up in my need,
cut my skin, but I do not bleed.

Instead, I float free to the heavens,
warmed by the sun, my body leavens.
Expands to absorb the wonderful rays,
to heat my world and lengthen my days.

So I can melt more of my own undead,
to rise like zombies to mess with your head.
For how can you counter my ghastly hot breath,
when you know not your own coming death?

For what was foretold in biblical text,
a Holocaust from Hell, you are hexed.

There is no heaven in the coming hell.
Death will be a blessing from the torturous spell.
That you are faced with not heeding my warning,
continuing to argue over global warming.

If you do not act before it's too late,
I will spew out through the opening gate,
of your wasteful greed and abuse unabate,
while you toy with my power thinking you're great.

But I will bring you to your knees,
I won't hear your prayers or your pleas.

For I am the power that brought you to fame,
gave you the ability to see this endgame.
Gave you the ability to move out into space,
I did not expect you to erase the human race.

But that's what you're doing sitting on your hands,
spend all your resources without any plans.
Get high on your life without any future.
Power begets power and the gap will not suture.

My Genie will rise from the bottom of the deep,
if the cap on my bottle you fail to keep.

As soon as I have belched forth with all my power,
and mixed with the atmosphere on that fatal hour,
all I will need is one lightning strike,
to spark my explosion extinction spike.

And if you survive that fateful hour,
you will live in thirst, hunger, and cower.

For all that you know of will be long gone,
you'll scrape a living until you are done.
The chances of your survival are very slim,
and even your survival will be very grim.

So get off your asses and do the right thing,
while I’m busy burning to get in the ring,
and fight you like hell until your death,
so fight for your life instead of your last breath.

methane explosion sparked by lightning

Video courtesy

A Halloween tale so diabolical because
it is coming true. Not since the Permian
extinction, some 298,000,000 years ago,
when 95% of life on earth was extinguished
by global warming, has life on earth been
so in peril. Click the link above for a
video explaining the trend.

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