There's nothing more to abhor,
than a really, really bad, metaphor.

Meta-this and meta-that,
does a metaphor, wear a hat?

What's a meta-for anyway?
Does it ever come out to play?

Must keep our metas well contained,
or else they might need to be explained.

Met a man once on a boat,
couldn't keep conversation afloat.

Sunk in depression's sea,
sinking him and sinking me.

A meta-perspective helps a lot,
it all depends on what you've got.

Telling you now and telling you true,
still don't know what metaphor means...

Do you?

Good News

Cartoon © Ed Williams in Marketplace for Hippies

A little wordplay. The English language has
so many influences from other languages and
is gaining new words all the time, making
wordplay much easier to do, especially with
obscure literary terms like, metaphor.

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