Mermaids, Dragons
 and Unicorns

The world is full of wonders,
from its lofty snowy mountaintops,
to the deepest depths of its seas.

From its frozen ice cap blizzards,
to its burning desert sand dunes.
Its rain forest cloud canopies.

So many creatures of wonder,
that we would never see,
without the magic of TV.

That takes us out beyond our world,
to discover nature's new reality.
Destroying myths and enlightening us,
from giant squid to the manatee.

Who has seen a Komodo dragon?
Not I, except on movies and TV.
To see one close up I must travel to,
Komodo Island in the southern sea.

And what of the strange narwhal,
rare even in the northern ice.
The use of it its horn still unknown,
perhaps to make a unicorn would suffice.

Possums lived with dinosaurs,
and birds of paradise are transformers.
Unknown creatures still can be found,
wild animals are not circus performers.

The wonders of nature are enough,
fill our empty hearts and souls.
To teach our children old nursery rhymes,
is an open a path taken by fools.

Where fake scientists can entertain,
our fascination with childish dreams.
And so we'll never want to grow up,
and face the coming extremes.

That our world is enduring while we play,
and greedily munch on wildlife each day,
watching some garbage as though it were true,
while the wonders of nature disappear from view.

ANarwhal Surfaces for Air

Image courtesy NarwhalNewsNetwork

Animal Planet, the television channel
that portrays animals around the world
just recorded record viewing of its
pseudoscientific exposé of real mermaids.
Its second most-watched show was
about dragons.

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