Mark My Words

I put down these words,
as pixels on light.

No matter the media,
these words have might.

They transfer thoughts,
to the page.

Once on the Internet,
they never age.

These words can uplift,
inspire and raise.

These words can sting,
and fill with rage.

Words are my way,
to learn and emote.

Sticks and stones hurt,
not my words wrote.

Read them and learn,
work through the pain.

With new insight,
you'll never be the same.

So mark my words,
with bloody red, please.

I learn from each remark,
set my mind at ease.

Spellcheck me well,
and grammar my prose.

Tickle my wits,
and keep me on my toes.

For life is the chapter,
and we are the book.

Mark my words,
there’s always a hook.


Words Marked Up


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Copyright 2008 © Ronald W. Hull