We all are subject to the luck of the draw,
if it weren't for bad luck, some wouldn't have luck at all.

I have been favored by both in my days.
Luck has played a tremendous role in my ways.

But who can tell what the twist of fate,
will bring to a life, before it's too late?

Some rely on fortunetellers and seers.
Some use God, and some on their peers.

But it makes no difference on what you rely,
the twist of fate just acts; it does not reply.

There but for good fortune, go you or I.
Our best laid plans often go awry.

So if you think you can beat it in the draw,
you'll be on the wrong side of Parkinson's law.

So I'm writing this poem to declare my goodluck,
I'm here only by good fortune; won't pass the buck.

Wrecked 2006 Ford Freestar High Tech Lowered Floor Van

Damage to My Van (c) Hoai Nguyen

As luck would have it, I had a horrendous accident
last Tuesday on Interstate 10. Crashing into a swampy
woods at over 50 mph. And, as luck would have it,
neither I or my two passengers were injured and my
high-tech van was not as damaged as I thought.

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