Love and Hate

I love computers, there's no doubt.
They work for me, day in and day out.
They work for me, until they crap out,
and then they crap on me.


My soul is in the computer in binary code.
It is not written down like some old ode.
It is not written down like some I sold.
And then they rip my heart out.


They told me to unplug in a thunderstorm.
Several devices plugged in around here is the norm.
Surge protectors connected to save them from harm.
And then they break my arm.


I hate my computers when they do this to me.
I want my computers to set me free,
not do some damn number on me,
and then make me take a hit?


I hate my computers when they are bad.
I hate my computers when I am sad.
I hate my computers enough to be bad.
Get out my gun and shoot.


Guess I'll just have to eat my crow.
Off to the computer store I will go.
Pay for the fix so my addiction will grow.
Bloodsucking ho!

So? Where do I go from here?

Love 'Em or Hate 'Em


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