Losing You

I'm losing you,
you know it's true,
a little at a time.

There was a time,
when both our minds,
harmonized in rhyme.

We thought as one,
and we had fun,
in rain and bright sunshine.

And then we slipped,
you, in your way,
and me, in mine.

A little at a time.
You, in your way,
and me, in mine.

You didn't call,
to tell me all,
like you always did.

You didn't kiss me,
that sweet goodnight,
was it something hid?

The smile has slipped,
from your face,
I'm losing you,
and can't replace.

What we had.
I’m losing you,
and it won’t be long.
‘til you’re gone.

Losing You

Image by Marwan Kandi [Egypt]


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