Long, Hot Summer


What a bummer.

This long, hot summer .

Can't keep the blues away. 


Crops are dead in the fields.

Won't give their expected yields.

One more blow to the family farm,

As it slowly fades away.


The water hole shrinks and grows more stagnant,

With every blistering day.

Millions of creatures, large and small,

Struggle in their silent way.


We only count the human dead,

As heat and drought works its way.

A feast of insects await amphibians.

Drying to death in burnt clay.


The silent killer stalks the night..

And catches the neglected, old and weak.

Kills them in their beds or on their porches;

From obsessive, progressive heat.


The smell of dust and smoke fills the air,

Every dewless night.

The long, hot summer stretches on,

With no relief in sight.


Hurricane, Blue Norther,

Come, blow my way.

Let your flooding rain and cold wind,

Soothe my hot summer blues away.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull



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