Lonely Star

Hey there, lonely Star.
Yes, you. Know who you are?

The one you are pining for is gone.
You knew it wouldn't last long.

But you are a star, shining bright.
And the world is yours in broad daylight.

But when the nighttime rolls around.
There are no other stars, to be found.

So you shine alone throughout the night.
With only the moon to share your plight.

Only the moon can eclipse your light,
as you gently calypso out of sight.

Behind the moon to hide your tears,
as the world turns and shares your fears.

And cries bitter rain to flood the plain,
to drown out the fear and the pain.

A single reflection on the mirrored water,
you could be my girl, you could be my daughter.

Signaling me from your lonely abode,
to join you on the next upload.

Where we could circle two by two,
no more to be, a lonely you.


Lonely  Star and Moon

Lonely Star © Webby.com


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