Little Things 


It's the little things,

You say and do.

Little things every day,

That endears me to you.


The way you wake me,

With a smile, and fill my coffee cup,

So I can go the extra mile,

You keep my spirits up.


The way you make my lunch,

So I'll never get hungry, all day.

Sweet fruits and vegetables to remind me,

Of how you care in every way.


When we're apart,

You walk a lonely mile.

I'm heavy in your heart,

And you worry all the while.


It's such a joy,

When you get back,

Just to see your smile. 


When we're together,

We laugh and sing.

You cater to my every whim,

As though I were a king.


And, when the night comes,

Cold and dark, you shelter me from harm.

It's the little things you do,

'Til morning comes around.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull



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