Listen to the Wind

Have you ever listened to the wind?
Gentle whisper of a brief breeze?
Tinkle of the wind chime tease?
Rustle of the leaves in the trees?

Tap, tap, tapping on windowpane?
Whiplashing fury of a strong storm?
Howl of a blizzard on the high plain?
Bearing down sound of tornado train?
Or the roar of a hurricane all night long?

Wind instrumental of subtle sound.
Its tonal quality always surround.
One never knows when the wind blows.
Only its sound as it comes and goes.

Primordial melody of the flute,
clear crisp clarity of the clarinet,
raspy graspy growl of the sax.
Echo of trumpeting horn call,
Majesty of the organ's mighty all.

So whichever way your wind blows,
listen for the sound as it comes and goes.
Familiar sounds the wind always makes,
reminding us of the whim of life's breaks.

Monument Valley in the Wind

View full video with Indian flute music here.

A whimsical poem about the wind and how we have
learned to make music about and with it.

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