Life Goes On

Just as after a night of terror, comes the dawn.

We gather around our wagons, and life goes on.

When a tragic accident befalls us, in the prime of life.

Care and time will mend us, guiding our course through strife.

If war should come upon us, bring us to our knees.

The sun will still shine upon us, and put us at our ease.

When disease and pestilence surround us, we shelter from the pain.

Those stricken among us may die, but tomorrow comes the rain.

When starvation overcomes us, no matter how we try.

We sing our song in silence, and life passes by.

When the Earth erupts in madness and we do not know why.

In time the dust will clear, and once again, the sky.

When Armageddon’s at the door, and we will soon be gone.

We must remember the little bird and why she sings her song.

Like the baby bird nest blown away, while mother sings her song.

She picks up the pieces, rebuilds the nest, lays eggs, and life goes on.

    Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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