Life Choices

Life comes to us, one and all.
No matter how big, or how small.

We have no choice in the matter.
From the time we walked, pitter patter.

To some, great fortune comes along,
they did not earn, but for a song.

To some it takes much growing up,
must work very hard to fill their cup.

Suffering the slings of outrageous fate,
for some, too early, some of late.

So many are pawns of the powerful,
like sheep to the slaughter, sorrowful.

Some die young seeking to be great.
Never reaching their potential or the gate.

Many waste their lives in trivial pursuit.
Wandering purposelessly to the down chute.

Many seek salvation at the end of their days.
Some live this life as the end of their ways.

Which would you prefer if you had a choice?
As a pawn to the power? Or with your own voice?

We all have choices that make the difference.
Regardless of life's whims; it is our inference.

 Ron Hull's Life

My life collage.

Reflecting on the choices we have and don't...

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