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Let Us Prey


We are territorial and predatory, we know no other way.

So when we are invaded, we pause to say, "Let us pray."  


Our god is our consoler, to calm us in our plight.

Our god is our protector, to steel us in our fight.  


We guard our god and homeland with zeal and might.

With memories from long ago death and terror in the night.  


When they invaded us and took away our stand.

And made us pray to their god in a foreign land.  


We know that we are right, because god is on our side.

And they are godless heathen, cruel and unfit to abide.  


On land god's given us to honor and protect.

We stand united and proudly circumspect. 


The [animal or bird] is our symbol, and it is by no mistake.

That when we swoop to prey, and their lives to take.  


Our god is on our side even in death's wake.

When innocent die in god's name, we will pray for their sake.  


It's all just territorial and always just the same.

When will we stop preying in god's name?  

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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