Lately, I've been late,
hard to get to every important date...
missed some on my plate.
Must be my gait.

Thought retirement would give me time,
to do the things that make me rhyme.
But I find those things have to wait,
postponed for some other slate.

It's not that I ‘m slowing down,
although my help has grown a frown.
It's just there's so much to do,
and a lot of time wasters, too.

So, the hurrieder I go,
the behinder I get.
But I'm changing up fast,
and might get there yet.

On the other hand,
(and I do have one...;-)),
maybe I'll just slow down early,
and make that a good bet.

At the end of my toiling,
will give up on all of it anyway,
drink a toast to the god of late,
and coast on through the fall.

Damn! I think I missed Halloween!

Man Running Late

Running Late Courtesy
Rennesler Polytechnic Universty

Lately, it seems like it's very hard
to get accomplished some of those
things I've set aside to do... like
writing my next novel.

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