Last Free Exit

The last free exit,
is coming up fast.
On this highway to nowhere,
just how long will I last?

This highway to nowhere,
is the road I'm on.
Just how I got here,
is a country song.

I'm strapped in the saddle,
of this mighty machine.
On this highway to nowhere,
so straight and so clean.

The straps are so tight,
I can hardly breathe.
The last free exit,
is my only reprieve.

If I continue,
on the straight and narrow,
the toll will tell,
if my cache is too shallow.

But this last free exit,
may also ring hollow.
And that is a pill,
I'm unprepared to swallow.

So if you are on this highway,
to nowhere like me.
Wave when you pass,
and we will soon see,

If this last exit,
is, truly… free.

Last Free Exit?

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