Land of the Lost

In the land of the lost,
you can't be found.
Nothing is familiar.
Nothing is sound.

The womb that you came from,
was safe and warm.
You floated on dreams,
free from all harm.

But now you're cast out,
into the land of the lost.
You see nothing to profit,
only your growing cost.

Of a life not worth living,
though tedious as hell.
You go through the motions,
but never can, ever tell.

If you'll ever find your way,
out of this self-made morass.
Your only response is,
to "Kiss my ass."

But that doesn't solve,
the state that you're in.
You can call it, "failure."
You could even call it, "sin."

But that won't change,
the deep do you're in.
Until you find your own way,
when it's sink or swim.

So you'll go on searching,
the boundaries of your past.
Seeking fulfillment,
that doesn't last.

For no one escapes,
the land of the lost.
Where dreams come to haunt,
and you turn and toss.

Where the night never ends,
and that day never comes.
And you're left in the limbo,
your afterlife becomes.

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From the TV Series


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