Knowing Jack

You don't know Jack,
like I know Jack.
So why attack,
when you can slack?

The next time you get,
a big Mac attack,
eat all you can pack,
and you'll look like Shaq.

Am I on the right track?

I'm tired of your lack,
so give me some slack,
your gripes are as grimy,
as old yellow shellac.

I'm ready for your flack,
Kevlar jacket and pack,
irony in the back,
in a gunnysack.

Are you on crack?

So take that old jack,
and take up the slack,
pump up the back,
of that Shaq Cadillac.

And tie on a tired knack,
with all you admire and pack,
head for the outback shack,
and give me some slack.

Please, Jack?

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Image by Indepenent Gaming Research

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