Killer on the Loose


There is a killer on the loose.

Just down the track.

From the caboose.

So, don't look back. 


He rides the rails with ease.

Goes wherever he please.

Sneaks up on you while you snooze.

Caught unaware, you lose.


Any weapon will do,

When you are down, he'll use his shoe.

He'll kick and stomp you in the head,

Until your skull caves in and you are dead.


The search is on,

Far, and wide.

Boxcar by boxcar,

To find his hide.


And if you live,

Along the tracks.

You'll want someone,

To watch your backs.


You don't sleep much at night.

Restless, you toss in your bed.

Dreams of a killer fill your mind,

You can't escape the dread.


Chances are, that by next season.

You can rest your weary head.

The killer, disappeared without reason,

Will turn up, dead.


P.S.  He was caught and convicted instead.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull



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