Keepin' Up with the 'Boomers


The '59 Beetle was nice, except for the fleas and head lice, sleepin' by the road.  So we got a '63 Bus. It too, disintegrated to rust, on the salt-paved roads of the Upper Midwest, we trust.


We tried a '67 Pony car for bit, but it took a hit, and was too small, so we traded it for a '69 International Carryall.  The Carryall was too large, more like a barge, and costly to keep, so we left it in a heap and squeezed into some muscle--a 454 '62 Monte.


 Collecting tickets wherever we went, with that gas-guzzler, we could hardly pay the rent.  So, we unloaded the Monte on a pimple-faced geek, and began our station wagon streak.  Riding a series of fake wood-sided Fords, Olds, Plymouths, and such, at the shopping mall was just too much.


Looking for a Mercedes we could afford, we settled for an '82 Accord.  When Accords became little boxes, we upsized to an '87 Volvo.  We wanted an Audi, but opted for dowdy, and look what we got.


So, we studied our portfolio, skipped the Beamer, and headed straight for Acura, Lexus, and the nebulous Infiniti. We coveted a Coupe and SC300, or two, then settled for a '93 Camry ES, in lieu.  The Camry was way cool, we were the first on the block, but it's now far too common, even in leather, for our flock.


So, we joined the freeway-going-to-the-golf course block, traveling proud, in our '96 Eddie Bower.  What is the hour?  Is it time to trade on-line?  I hear they're bringing the Beetle back in 1999.


Copyright 1997 © Ronald W. Hull 



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