Extraterrestrials are not naïve, nor are they shy.
For twixt the stars they must fly.
To think them monsters is a lie.

They are seekers of the truth.
They have found eternal youth.
And only we are uncouth.

To think of them as spies,
or terrorists in our eyes,
to be despised... simply lies.

Survival is the test,
for only the very best,
survive and do the rest.

That losers only dream of,
and die while they scheme of,
things that go "bump" in the night.

Our heroes must destroy.
Extraterrestrials can easily deploy,
defenses to our every war toy.

If they know us, they think us silly,
filling our lives with endless frilly,
fruitless pastimes--willy, nilly.

When extraterrestrials arrive we will be amazed,
we will honor them and give them praise,
our lives will be forever raised.

For in a kaleidoscope of brilliant color,
the world will lose its evil pallor,
and we will know the truth.


Rainbow of Colors


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