Just Life

Disaster all around us,
Falling from the sky.
Crime hits so close to home,
Leaves us wondering why?

Weather leaves us devastated,
Stalkers steal and wry.
Our identities are stolen,
With our dreams dashed cry.

Disease strikes regardless,
Of how hard we all try.
To lead the healthy life,
Grow old before we die.

Our life's love just left us,
So hurt we could just die.
Depression so engulfs us,
Our life's become a lie.

War is never ending,
Young men and women die.
To feed the fires of greed,
In a patriotic lie.

It is not Armageddon,
Or any wrath from on high.
It's just life happening,
Leaves us wondering why?
Lost souls at the River Styx


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Copyright 2005 © Ronald W. Hull