Just-In-Time Technology

Sweet technology has no rhyme.
Its rigid structure can't write a line.
Pieced with paper clips and twine,
sometimes, it arrives just in time.

It started with a simple crutch.
Carved with a gentle loving touch.
To fit the arm and hand with care,
built for years of rugged wear.

With only an example as a guide,
unyielding stainless steel tough as hide.
He built a hand splint as yet untried.
A work of art and source of pride.

Electric Underwood was stolid and punk.
Keys stuck together; type full of gunk.
Thousands of pages at a one-finger plunk.
Requiring the patience of a stoic monk.

The mouse and desktop looked like a toy.
But for real work, it was an incredible joy.
Graphics and spreadsheets with ease,
high-quality presentations became a breeze.

Gel cell batteries and a 20 mile range,
Electric wheelchair no longer strange.
Able to take one almost anywhere.
Freedom of mobility without compare.

Cracking speech-recognition was a great feat.
Taking many a programmer down in defeat.
Speech recognition has written this line.
Speech recognition has reached its prime.

With a little f__'n magic and wiring galore,
a lowered floor van opened the driving door.
Zero pressure steering and a gas-brake that goes,
enables driving the way the mind knows.

No one wants to sit on a sore butt.
A pressure sore is the unkindest cut.
A cushion that floats, yet supports is the key,
allowing long hours and productivity.

With modern medicine right on the brink,
of a stem cell therapy that could be the link.
It's hard to believe anyone that would think,
that this technology's time had not come.

Voice and Touch Pad Controls

Image Courtesy Electronic Mobility Controls

Copyright 2006 © Ronald W. Hull


Push forward for gas, back to brake

Horizontal steering, mounted by the right knee.


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