I know someone wrongly imprisoned…

The statue of justice is purposely blind,
and she has been for a long, long time.

Clearly signifying the injustice given,
to those convicted and sent to prison.

A socially aware few make the laws,
guided by their own personal flaws.

In some cases it is purely political,
in others it borders on hypocritical.

Laws against victimless crimes,
and the laws that free diabolical minds.

Injustice all around, so unsound,
it borders on unreason, unbound.

Twenty years for possessing pot,
and brutal killing much less than that.

Lawyers much too close to judges,
personal favors, bribes, forceful nudges.

And money seems above the pale,
free the rich, throw the poor in jail.

Fill the prisons with the unwanted,
where a gang full of plots is being plotted.

Where torture and killing is commonplace,
replacing reason with anarchy and race.

Eyewitness blind justice must be replaced,
with careful forensics and scientific grace.

Juries of injustice must not rule,
when bad verdicts are meted out cruel.

Warehousing people is not the right way.
fair laws, rehab, and technology for today.

Fostering repaying a debt to society,
and restoring the forgiven to propriety.

And a quick death to those who fail the test,
why should we allow them to infect the rest?

Blind Justice

Blind  Justice Courtesy


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