Jean Queen

Like in a dream, I remember,
the Jean Queen named Jean.

She was blessed with those special genes,
that made her high school prom queen.

At the park she could be seen,
with bare midriff and splitting seams.

As fit as someone who worked out,
the top cheerleader when she'd shout.

Not only beautiful, she was kind,
touched everyone, left none behind.

She touched us with her gentle soul,
when she winked or kissed without goal.

In a miniskirt her legs were long,
a flash of pantie for a song.

We dreamed of her all day long,
we dreamed up words for her song.

In a bikini at the pool,
she gathered followers,
and some would drool.

Just the nature of young guys,
she understood and let us spy.

We all wished for our own Jean Queen,
some of us got ours in wedding scene.

Some of us didn't, but were blessed,
to have known the Queen of jeans.
Still, after all these years, the best.

Jean's Jeans

You can't buy them anymore--the jeans not the model--at Etsy (sold out)

A composite of bachelor dreams. Any man who says he

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