Jailhouse Blues

Come on Huey, gimmie the news!
Can't shake these jailhouse blues.

Can't rock this rock I'm on,
Alcatraz, come sing my song.

The Bird Man has two in the bush,
show your behind, bird, I'll eat your tush.

I'd swim the San Francisco Bay,
for one night with you in the hay.

But I'm under lock and key,
the key to your heart is where I'd be.

Surfing off of seal rock,
Angel Island for my flock.

But that tide's got a hold on me,
gonna wash me out to sea.

Out on past the Golden Gate,
to Davey Jones Locker's fate.

So save my soul and gimmie the news,
help me shake these jailhouse blues!

The Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz

Photo © Igor Polk, VirTuar.com


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