Jack on the Loose

You don't know Jack about what I say. 
That's okay.  I don't need you anyway. 
Way back, there’s Jack in the sack. 
Get back.  Laid back.  Jack won’t go away.

Jack is squirming, his mind is burning, his eyes are like fiery coals. 
Don't let him loose, a world of abuse, a flurry of lost souls. 

Jumpin Jack flash, the ultimate trash,
He’s only a gnat’s heartbeat away.  
He'll get you when you least expect,
In the night of your day--beat, beating away.

Jack me up.  Jack me down.  Don't you dare, Jack me around. 
Jack be nimble.  Jack be quick.  Don't you light my candlestick!

Jack's a jumpin.  His heart is thumpin. 
He's only one gnat’s heartbeat away.
Feel him on the back of your neck. 
Turning a wild stray to gray.

Jack Sprat, eat no fat, skinny’s where it’s always at.
Skinny Minnie, shimmer and shimmy.  Shake it. Shake no fat.

"Let me out, it's dark in here!"
It's not the darkness that you fear. 
That is what Jack's about. 
Makes you want to scream and shout,

Pop me up!  Spring me out!
Shock me till I scream and shout.

Jack is your next of kin. 
Don't let him get under your skin. 
Once he’s there, Jack will crawl,
Make you want to climb the wall. 

Lemmie in!  Lemmie out! Jack me with your power!
Crawl me in the corner, Jack.  Make me cringe and cower.
Jack burning in hell

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. 
Let him out and you'll be sick. 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Jack's the one to fear the most.

Jack be Jester, Jack be stout, twist me with the power!
Twist me left.  Twist me right. Convulse me with your sour.
And so, when nights turn cold and dark and bleak. 
For hooting of the owl you cannot sleep. 
Please remember not to let Jack out,
For your intestine he will scream and shout.

Please, … don’t let Jack out!

Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull


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