I Witness

I saw the fire in the sky.

I saw the people jump and die.  

I saw the anguish on the faces,

Of those who watched, helpless in their places.   

I saw the smoke, fire and fright.

I saw the hour our darkest night.  

When in full light of day,

The mighty towers did give way.  

And collapse upon themselves.

Like a stack of flimsy shelves.  

Taking all still left within,

To the ground in mighty din. 

I saw a great gray cloud churn and grow,

Encompassing all for blocks below.  

In disbelief, I, stunned in wonder 

Could not comprehend what lie under.  

That pile of burning rubble—nothing.

Not a stirring soul for help to call. 

Television was my window.

I did not see alone; we saw it all.

Over one billion watched with me.

The watchers were as one.

Because we saw it the same, that hatred will bend  

And we were witnessing terrorism’s end.

                    Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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