It's Crazy

It's crazy living in the world today,
don't know whether to cry,
or go out and play.

Seems there is danger,
at every turn.
Makes the old folks,
reminisce and yearn.

Makes the young folks,
psychologically weak.
All the talk of danger,
makes them too meek.

Yet there is adventure,
in movies and video games.
Obese couch potatoes,
heroes with no names.

More anonymity on the web,
hide your identity,
so your desires,
can be fed.

Where are the heroes,
that we all long for?
They've sold out for endorsements,
at the vanity store.

And where is reality,
in reality TV?
When real folks are big stars,
sucking the money tree.

There is something to living,
the simple life.
Walking and reading,
enjoying nature, reducing strife.

So remember the wise saying,
from Mad Magazine.
"What, me worry?"
And live the dream.

What, Me Worry?


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