It Just Don't Fit


Independence is the whole idea.

Let the Genie out.

The right to fail is in front of you.

Of that, there is no doubt.


Assistive technology will bring you back.

You'll walk, run and dance again.

Those bonds of gravity and pain will break;

It's only a matter of, "When?"


Here's something you've just got to have;

It's only money.

Your old one is worn out;

Looks out-of-place and funny.


You don't have to grow into it;

But sometimes, it just don't fit.

They say, "Oh, you'll get used to it."

Just chomp down and bite the bit.


Some things are like an old shoe.

You can just fall back into.

Relax and be carefree.

So you can just be or not be.


Some things just don't fit.

You can pour time and money into it.

No need to fight, if it's not right.

New or not, get rid of it.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull




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