It Is Written

What began as the spoken word,
passed down through generations,
so it still could be heard.

The wisdom of the ages,
with survival as its guide,
the elders told the novices,
when to fight, when to run,
and when to hide.

Painted on walls with ocher and blood,
human expression began to flood,
the conscience of many,
from the hand of the few.
Telling what one did,
so that many now knew.

Greatness was reserved,
to be carved in stone.
For man could not live,
on blood and bread alone.

Man could not live,
without the written word,
for it seemed to confirm,
when he saw or he heard.

When they found out,
the power of the word.
They made it an institution,
that could not be deterred.

Buttressed by the motion picture,
to bear witness to the human soul.
The word took on new meaning,
that was so clear, so cool.

While reading, the imagination,
fired vividly by the words’ mental fuel,
daydreams hotter than hot,
its visions would reveal.

And so we have arrived at this crossroad,
between fantasy, reality and real,
where everything we see or read,
has its own touch, taste, and feel.

Where even the video image can be altered,
and seemingly is no big deal.
So that you will eat,
their well-prepared meal.

And the alive and questioning you,
amid all this imagery of good, bad, and feel.
is not what it seems,
just a charade for the real.

So don't believe everything you read.
And don't believe everything you see.
For there are those out there to deceive,
and they are scaring me.

Aren't they scaring you?


Torah, An Example of the Written Word

Beware, the Word...

Photo courtesy San Francisco Sentinal


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