I Slapped Her

I slapped her hard on the left cheek,
before I could explain, she let out a shriek.
Her eyes narrowed to evil slits,
and her face turned a bright pink.

"Oh why did you have to do me this way,
I thought you loved me by what you say.
I thought I loved you, too,
but  with this, I rue the day."

She went to the closet and started packing her stuff,
nothing I could say to her was enough.
Her mind was made up and that was it,
I had no business being that rough.

"I'm calling my friend's lawyer today.
I hear he's good at divorces and takes little pay.
You can expect my summons in the mail,
I'm taking it all, and taking it my way."

She sulked around the house, pissing and moaning,
and then on the line, serial cell phoning.
"That MF that, and this MF this,"
she stormed out the door with a dire warning.

"I want you to know that I'm filing for assault.
Just in case you think it's not your fault.
And I'm taking our joint accounts today,
along with the safe deposit box in the vault."

I stood there stunned, at the slammed door,
rehashing in my mind what had happened before.
When that pesky mosquito landed on my cheek,
and I slapped her ass through her beak.

Burning Foe Alive

Image Courtesy Bollywood

Can you believe I dreamed this and
just had to write it?  ;-)   Any resemblance
to my or anyone else's life is purely coincidental.


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