I Sing

I sing because I'm happy.
I sing when I am blue,
I sing because I want to,
and I'm singing this one for you.

There is a song in my heart,
that escapes whenever I see you.
There are no words to describe,
so a song will have to do.

I serenade you in your morning,
at lunch when the sun is high at noon,
as we walk hand-in-hand in the sunset,
and by the light of the magic moon.


A melody escaped me,
when you first came into view.
I'll never forget that day, but then,
every day with you is brand-new.

And when our days are over,
and when our days are through,
our songs will always linger,
in the hearts of other lovers, too.

So, one more time,
let me sing this one for you.


One more time, one more time,
just for you, just for you...

Bird Singing

Birds sing much better than I ever will… 
Image Courtesy ActiveHappiness.com

The other morning at breakfast,
I just burst into song.  I checked
to see if I was parroting Leon Russell
or Barry Manilow, and I wasn’t,
so I finished the song here.

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