Iraq My Brain

Iraq my brain for a solution.
As Iran all the way home.
Support the troops in Afghan stand,
or pray to the Pope for them to Rome?
Shot down every which way but loose.
Seeking the golden egg, I get the goose.
For anarchy on AD, I raise my cup.
So sweet saccharin from which to sup.

Korea, Korea.  Why you do me this way?
North of the 38th parallel, I must stay.
Castro oil my bod and Venezuela away.
Peru my Ecuador, Panama my Uruguay. 

Ural down on Russia,
Siberia it to your friend.
If you knew beer from vodka,
your Cossack you would lend.

Kenya lend a lion to Libya?
China light on panda Mozambique?
Are there real Indians in India?
Sicily a Malta to a Pizza freak?

Iraq my brain for answers.
As Iran all my patrons home.
Firmly in my Anchorage,
I might as well be in Nome.

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