In the Beholder


If I may be bolder,

Beauty is in the beholder.

It's not an absolute thing.

It's more like a pendulum swing.


It changes with the season.

It changes without reason.

A dimple so cute in place,

Becomes a wrinkle on your face.


A word, a smile, a wink of the eye,

Catch the beauty, or it will pass you by.

Ever changing, like the wind.

If not savored, will never be sinned. 


Blemish or beauty mark,

It's all in the mind.

Don't let its glory,

Be lost to the find. 


It takes all types,

To please what will be.

One's fantasy,

Another's mystery.  


So if you're looking,

For beauty in your day.

Look no further,

Than your own way.


Touch it with kindness,

As it grows and grows.

The beauty within you,

That no one knows.


Let it show,

So the beholder will know. 


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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