Inside Today


It has been a good day, in spite

That outside, the sleet beats down

So furious, so cold

Erecting sculptures in crystal thought…

A thief come to steal my joy

Pick the cheer from my pockets

Condensation on the windowpane

Ice turns to drops

To cascading rivulets

Then cold puddles

It’s been a good day

Even while clouds obscure

My vision in their misty haze

So gray, so gray

I can trick the clouds, I can

Put on my magic

Glasses, see chubby

Cheeked angels with chocolate

Smeared faces, the

Dirty dishes and dried gravy clumped

On the stove, a banquet

Eaten some time ago

It’s been a good day

The sleet turned to rain

The clouds rolled away

Shades in the case


Janet Caldwell & Alan Phillips

©2002 Caldwell Phillips


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