Impossible Dream

Dream the impossible dream,
Plot the impossible scheme,
Try to go where you know,
No one has ever been seen. 

Succumb to her charms in the night. 
Let your imagination take flight,
Fly to the moon, it's never too soon,
For her to come into the light. 

Rally your courage for the fight,
Cast off disdainers with your might,
Crushed too soon, an idea will swoon. 
Don't let that be her plight.

Forge on with it day-by-day,
Let not little things get in your way. 
Crawl, walk, run, and then fly,
Don't let failure be your sway. 

For when it's all said and done,
And all your battles have been won,
There's no time left to be shy,
The wisdom was in the fun,

Of doing the impossible dream. 
A boy fishes and dreams of catching the X Prize someday.

Boy Fishing with Dog
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Ascender 2 is the Bristol
entry for the X Prize

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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