We are all in a state of imotion,
going nowhere very fast.
We don't know we're not going,
and we don't know if it will last.

From our beginning,
almost lost in the past.
We moved with a walk,
for our fate was so cast.

And yes, we could run,
to attack or escape.
But we couldn't fly,
like the man with the cape.

So we used the wild animals,
for a bareback free ride.
And I'm sure the animals,
wished they could hide.

Observing round objects,
roll down the hill,
we invented the wheel,
and couldn't get our fill.

Horsepowering the wheel,
one horse at a time,
wasn't enough speed,
for a cart’s hill climb.

Some more horses,
were enlisted,
to carry the load.

And a trail no longer sufficed,
when we needed a road.

With the wind we could sail,
in a powerful motion,
across a small river,
or across a large ocean.

With steam we went faster,
with oil faster still,
gas-fired jet engines,
took us over the hill.

Of the sound barrier and past,
we rocketed to the moon.
No speed was fast enough,
nor was it too soon.

As we sat on our butts,
and went... varroom, varroom!

So with great emotion,
we slouch in imotion,
while the world flies by,
in CGI 3-D animation.

Why walk when we can fly?
We sit and snack for more.
As immobile as rocks,
we get high and soar.

Until the genie is out of the bottle,
and we can no longer walk,
and can't get up from our fat asses,
no matter how fast we talk.

1978 photograph by Steven Steigman

1978 photograph by Steven Steigman

Imotion -- the process of going very fast
while sitting on your ass. Like in a boat,
car, train, or plane. Like in a theater,
online, or a video game. I should know,
I am a foremost practitioner of imotion.

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