I'll Fly Away

Now that I'm free to roam,
I'll fly away from my home,
away from home.

On my trusty steed with shiny chrome,
I'll fly away, fly away.

It makes no difference where I'm going,
she steers the course from its mooring.

My journey is never boring,
when I fly away, fly away.

From mountaintop to valley low,
there is no place I won't go,
when I fly away, away.

I'll be gone forever and a day,
when I fly away, fly away.

Won't you come with me sweet one?
From rainy day to blazing sun,
we'll fly away together.

No matter the weather,
always together, together.

And when our flying days are done,
we'll bask in the waning sun,
remembering all the fun we had,

Flying away, away.

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