Illegal Immigrant

Looked out my window,
and what did I see?
Strangest looking bird,
in my apricot tree.

I looked for the bird,
on that online guide.
Couldn't find it there,
it certainly didn't hide.

So I googled it,
and what did I see?
Was an African bird,
in my backyard tree.

Whether shaft-tailed,
or pin-tailed,
was no difference,
the What duh?
was a Whydah,
without any inference.

It seems that the male,
sports that long tail,
only for the ladies,
to flirt and prevail.

Gathering a harem,
he guards with great passion.
This little guy is feisty,
ready for action.

His queens lay their eggs,
in other birds' nests.
Letting those birds raise them,
while queens take a rest.

So, if you see a What duh?
on your back fence,
you'll know what it is,
and illegal or not,
you'll take no offense.

Pin-tailed Whydah

Pin-tailed Whydah in my backyard. For a
beautiful video of the bird's courtship
flight click here.

Whether it's climate change or just birds
that have been let out of cages, lately I've
seen varieties that I never saw before in my
backyard. Yesterday, I watched a blue parakeet
come and go quite often with whydahs, other
finches, and sparrows. I guess they hang
together for protection against the ever
present Texas hawks.

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