If I loved you,
the way you want me to.
It still somehow would not do.
But end up remaining true,
because you'd love me anyway.

If the sky was the color,
that you wanted it to be.
And the clouds matched,
your liquid eyes floating free,
on that deeply shrouded sea.

If moods were like moonbeams,
cast upon the widening gulf.
And the world was populated,
by miniature landscapes and elf.

If butterflies and fireflies,
occupied day and night.
You would still be scared,
of what may be, or just might,
with inner insecurity and fright.

If bears were all like pandas,
and wolves like puppies, too,
you'd still think snakes were serpents,
because, you are, after all, you.

If fears and frights were lollipops,
you'd have a candy store.
You love me for my lack of fear,
but still you want much more.

If I could ever fulfill your dreams,
I would do it in a lighting flash.
But your dreams are like thoughts,
that change with a flicked eyelash.

If all the ups and downs of life,
were put in your command,
I'd still be there to steady you,
and gladly take your hand.

If when this world is over,
I'll be there by your side.
Never was there a better time,
for you to be my bride.

Amazing If

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A fanciful poem about the fickle nature of
love and how sometimes it withstands all the
ifs of life and prospers.

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