As I was ideologging down the Internet superhighway one day,
I happened upon an idiot who had just come out to pray.

I asked of the idiot, "Are you a little moron, today?"
He replied, "Yesterday, I was more off, but I tend to sway."

"Yesterday I was a bit more dumb, but I can hear okay.
Whenever I find the truth, I'm sure to look the other way."

"Stupid is as stupid does." Forrest Gump, declared.
To verify that truth, blog after blog has been aired.

But stupid continues to call the faithful to the cult of religion,
long after the fallacies unfounded, still ideologically driven.

"I'll fight for my country right or wrong." Sings the imbecile' s song,
and imbeciles grow like weeds, to preach their dogma long.

Nitwits hatch lobotomized lies to match their political season.
So that average Joe can come and go without having to reason.

I watched a retard re-tar the road, because it wasn't concrete.
He made a pass at his sister's ass and wasn't even discrete.

The feebleminded were reminded that they had a lot to lose.
After all their net worth was gone, the last to get the news.

So butthead sat on his brains, just to compress a thought,
what came out wasn't great art, but it sounded just like a fart.

I nitpicked a halfwit to see which way the wind blows,
he picked up a toothpick and stuck it up his nose...

... and so it goes.

Alfred E. Newman

Alfred E. Newman 
© Mad Magazine

Thanks Ed Phillips for the great idea to do an idiotic poem...

Guess I've just about offended everyone with this one... ;-)


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