Ice is nice in our cold drink,
a luxury we don't even think.
Keeps cool hot summer day,
refreshing after strenuous play.

Ice is deadly on the road.
Slip-sliding like a greased toad.
No matter what direction head,
ice takes control increasing dread.

Often a slow-motion horror,
car berserk like never before,
heading for some awful crash,
or off the road in a dash.

Heavy laden bough and limb,
weight of ice to the brim.
Some will come crashing down,
electricity out brings a frown.

Ice forms over water like glass,
keeps the rest from freezing.
Caught in a desert of ice and snow,
water everywhere, to drink? No.

An ice storm brings glittering palace,
a fairytale landscape, deadly malice.
For creatures large and small,
ice can cause suffering to them all.

So next time you savor ice in your drink,
or view a glittering landscape, think.
Someone or some animal may have died,
so you can drink up with cool lipped pride.

Cardinal in an Ice-Covered Tree

Cardinal in an Ice-Covered Tree © Donna at

We have been locked in by ice for three days.
Quite unusual for Houston. It made our freeways
quite impassable. But frozen pipes and dead
plants are no fun either. Fires are the worst.

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