Ever been late, for a very important date?
March Hare, be aware, it's not too late.

There's nothing wrong with speed,
it's such an exhilarating need.
It's somewhat akin to greed.
So fast makes your nose bleed.

But what's all this unnecessary hurry?
Getting your fuss all in a flurry?

Do you race to the next stoplight?
Only to sit there fiddling and wait?
Instead, get on your cell phone and talk?
Oblivious to others racing out while you balk?

Do you honk your horn at the slow?
Are you always in a big hurry to go?

Rushing around in a furious pace,
as though you are in some human race,
trying to get to some distant place,
instead of enjoying what's right in your face.

Our hectic lifestyles require a composure,
but we plow through our life like a bulldozer.

Missing opportunity that calmness poses.
Not stopping to pick or to smell the roses.

So don't let the finer things pass you by,
because you are in a hurry and on-the-fly.
Slow down and relax, you won't be late.
Enjoy the world around you; you'll feel great.

The March Hare from Alice in Wonderland

March Hare Courtesy Wikipedia and Lewis Carroll

Just spouting a few pet peeves about the way people drive...

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