The Howler Monkey

The howler monkey howls,
For sure you're gonna die. 
Dead man walking,
And doesn't know why. 

Norman Mailer's writing,
About "A fire on the Moon."
It's just a metaphor,
For getting there too soon. 

"Bye, bye, Miss American Pie, ..."
Don McLean's classic tune. 
The howler monkey howled,
And the music died at noon. 

And the tankers sailed to Jihad,
To oil the spoils of war. 
To anger gods within us,
So many times before. 

The howler monkey howls,
As his home is cut down. 
But we do not hear him,
There's no music on the Moon. 
A large howler monkey howling

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


Young black howler monkey

Photos:  Belize Zoo


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