Honey-Baked Ham (Song)


Gimme a hunk a that, honey-baked ham,
honey-baked ham...honey-baked ham.
Peanut butter and jelly, strawberry jam...
honey-baked ham...honey-baked ham.

You are what you are,
and I am what I am,
two peas in a pod,
is how we jam.

You'll be my Sue,
and I'll be your Sam.
We'll swat flies for supper,
as the swatter goes wham!


Like bread and butter,
we spread just fine.
We walk together,
we walk the line.

We' re pressed together,
like a stamp and a letter,
scanned the batter,
but found no better.


In the plate and the platter,
we see each other's shine.
On the griddle of life,
we do double-time.

When it comes time for countin',
pennies in the pot.
Know who you can count on,
when the griddle gets hot.


Scene from Planet of the Apes


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